Introducing: AppXen

The Intelligent PSD to Native UI compiler

Instant Source Code

Use your Photoshop design templates to generate code in a matter of seconds!

Simply your workflow, optimize your results.


Speedy Development

Enough with the long, tedious process of manually slicing Photoshop files!

How Does it Work?

1. Obtain PSD File

Have your application design mock-up, still in layers, ready in Photoshop format.

2. Drag & Drop

Drag your Photoshop file into the AppXen drop-zone.

3. Retrieve Source

Get the newly generated source code and accompanying image files.

4. Apply to Platforms

Use the source code & images to build the application on a platform of your choice.

Design Specifications


Select your output platform and drag your PSD file to the application’s drop-zone. In a matter of seconds, you will get back cleanly formatted, ready-to-use native code and all the accompanying images. And for command line users, AppXen is fully functional on your CLI!

No need to hold back on your design process. From raster to vector shapes, Text Layers to Smart Objects, AppXen is 100% compatible. Font styles, shadows, strokes... you name it!

All Photoshop layers are output to PNG format to maximize your development experience. The resulting source code maintains view hierarchy and layer positioning. Retina and non-Retina exports are also supported.

AppXen runs on Linux, OSX and Windows.
Currently supported source code outputs include:

  • Appcelerator Titanium: iOS, Android, MobileWeb
  • Alloy for Titanium
  • Native iOS (Objective C)
  • Android (XML)
  • HTML & CSS (includes PhoneGap)

Save yourself some cash and keep that money in your pocket. No need to purchase Photoshop! All you need is an application mockup in PSD format, but the actual Photoshop program is not required to use AppXen.

See it in Action

Your Workflow, Simplified

AppXen analyzes your Photoshop file, parses out the necessary data, slices your images into retina & non-retina versions, and generates the UI code for the platform of your choice. This will save a developer an average of 2-8 hours per screen of an application design. With the clean, ready-to-use code, you’ll be on your way to producing apps faster than ever before.

How Can I Get AppXen?

Join the Private Beta Program

AppXen is currently in private beta. To optimize the app as much as possible prior to general release, we would love to gather feedback from select users. We are currently accepting requests to join the program, sign up below to participate!

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Stay in the loop!

Once released, all of AppXen's output templates will be Open-Sourced,
allowing for an ever-evolving ecosystem in which developers can continually create new possibilities.



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